Durvalumab (Imfinzi®)

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Spezifizierung Lungenkarzinom, nicht-kleinzellig (NSCLC) » Stadium III » nach definierter Radiochemotherapie
Stand April 2020
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1Durvalumab, NSCLC, Stage III, after radiochemotherapy

1 N - number of patients2 RR - remission rate, in %3 PFS - progression-free survival in months4 PFS - progression-free survival in months5 OS - overall survival in months6 QoL - quality of life7 SAE - serious adverse events, CTCAE grade 3/48 results for control, results for new therapy9 hazard ratio for new therapy11 n. d. not determined; CT - chemotherapy12 n. r. – median not reached19 bla20 Lala